Graduate Nursing Programs

Take your nursing degree to the next level with a Master of Science in Nursing or post-graduate nursing certificate.

Master of Science in Nursing        Post-graduate Nursing Certificates        Doctor of Nursing Practice


Master of Science in Nursing 

A great way to continue your nursing education is with 500彩票网 College’s Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program. The program is fully accredited and prepares graduates with enhanced knowledge and practice expertise that builds and expands on baccalaureate nursing education to prepare nurses for leadership roles in advanced nursing practice. Our program emphasizes the importance of life-long learning and provides a foundation for doctoral study.


The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) track is available in full-time and part-time options and offers a combination of online, 面对面的, 混合课程,每学期15周.

护士教育(NE)的跟踪是全职和兼职的选择, and classes are 100% online, delivered in a 15-week semester.

Family Nurse Practitioner 学术计划

The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) track is a 47-credit program designed to prepare graduates to function as licensed independent practitioners in primary care. Students complete courses that focus on the provision of the full spectrum of healthcare services across a lifespan. 学生学习使用先进的健康评估技能, 筛选, and diagnostic strategies, and prescriptive practices to manage the health/illness status of patients and families. Practicum experiences that total 680 hours are completed in a variety of primary care healthcare settings. Graduates are eligible to take American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) 和/或 美国护士执业医师学会认证委员会 family nurse practitioner certification exams.

全职计划  兼职的计划

Nurse Educator 学术计划 (Online Program)

The Nurse Educator track is a 39-credit program designed to prepare graduates for the nurse educator role across various academic and clinical settings. Students integrate core MSN coursework and education specialty courses that focus on evidence-based 教学 and learning principles, curriculum development 和评估, instructional design and technology, assessment of educational outcomes, and nurse educator role development. Students will integrate knowledge and 技能 into the educational and practice setting in a 255-hour practicum experience.


  • 课程100%在线提供全职和兼职选项
  • 较强的教学设计和技术准备
  • Preparation for successful integration to the NE role in academic and practice settings
  • 注重实践的教师致力于学生互动和参与
  • 毕业生有资格参加注册护士教育™考试完成

全职计划  兼职的计划

Frequently Asked Questions for MSN

当你在500彩票网学院寻找机会时,500彩票网会提供帮助. 如果你在这个过程的任何阶段有问题,请告诉500彩票网.

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To get started, review our 申请的最后期限. Next, follow our application procedure. Depending on the program you are applying to, 您可能需要完成一些额外的申请要求.

学费 & 费用

MSN -科学教育大师和FNP轨道 



  • Demonstrate accountability for professional practice and behaviors that use critical and reflective thinking in education and health care settings.
  • Demonstrate leadership knowledge, 技能, and attitudes in education and healthcare settings.
  • 合成, 批判, 评估, 并运用护理学及相关学科的理论指导高级护理作用.
  • Use information technology and evidence-based practice for implementation 和评估 of strategies for quality and safety.
  • Analyze ethical, legal, and societal factors that influence populations and health outcomes.
  • 与内部和跨专业团队合作和咨询,以改善结果.
  • Exhibit competency in advanced nursing practice role across diverse populations in a variety of settings.


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

你准备好把你的APRN实践提升到护理实践的最高水平了吗? 500彩票网的DNP项目旨在扩展知识, 技能, and abilities from master-level programs by integrating new and enhanced 技能 in organizational and systems leadership, quality improvement processes, 人口健康, 以及将研究成果转化为先进的临床实践.  Our practice-focused doctorate prepares graduates to excel in clinical leadership roles aimed at health system transformation and improved patient outcomes. 这些课程是在线提供的,以适应职场人士. 学生不需要在校完成学位.

The program has several entry points, 包括BSN-DNP, MSN-DNP for certified APRNs, MSN-DNP用于无APRN认证的msn准备护士. Fall 2021 will be available to MSN graduates only with BSN to DNP entry starting fall 2022.

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Post-Graduate Nursing Certificates

您是否希望扩大或改变您的高级实践护理角色? 500彩票网的研究生证书允许已经拥有硕士学位的护士, the opportunity to specialize in an area other than that obtained in their master’s program.   



The Family Nurse Practitioner Post-Graduate Certificate (FNP PGC) program is available to registered nurses who hold a Master of Science in Nursing or Doctor of Nursing Practice degree who desires to continue their education and expand their 技能et to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. Students who complete the FNP Post-Graduate Certificate program will be prepared for a new professional path and the many roles and responsibilities of a primary care provider.

FNP研究生证书是一个可变学分项目, dependent on prior education and certification. A Gap analysis that considers prior education and experience will be conducted for each applicant in order to determine an individual course of study.


成功完成课程要求, a certificate is awarded and students are eligible to apply for American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) certification or the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification (AANP) as a Family Nurse Practitioner.


In accordance with the 2016 Criteria for Evaluation of Nurse Practitioner Programs report, applicants who hold a graduate degree in nursing can apply to the FNP Post-Graduate Certificate program where previous education and practice (as applicable) will be used to determine an individual course of study. The completion of required didactic courses and clinical hours can be flexible depending upon waived credits hours.  Each student who is admitted as a candidate for the FNP Post-Graduate Certificate program will complete a 差距分析. Plans of study will be individualized according to academic didactic and clinical needs.   







在11学分的护士教育硕士(NE PGC)证书课程, students master the knowledge and 技能 required to competently serve in the nurse educator role. Coursework is 100% online and focuses on curriculum design, 教学, 和评估, 护士教育工作者的角色转换,并在255小时的实习中达到高潮. 毕业生有资格参加注册护士教育™考试完成. 




If you become a 500彩票网 College student, you are responsible for checking program authorization and licensure requirements in your state of residence. 各州的规章制度各不相同,可能会有所变化. If you move to a new state, 您有责任确保500彩票网的项目在您的新州获得批准.


在500彩票网学院的研究生APRN证书课程是经过认证的 Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education地址:华盛顿特区北西655 K街750室(202)887-6791.

有关500彩票网的护理研究生课程的更多信息,请联系招生 or (920) 433-6650.


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